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June 19 Ken Hess and Ruby's Recipes

June 20 for Lloyd Clark and Ruby's Recipes


July 1 Jim Stapley and Ruby's Recipes Cajun Boil

July 2 Connor Priest and Ruby's Recipes 

July 3 Independence Day Celebration | Open Mic, Robbie Litt Band, Angelfire 7, and Fireworks

July 8 Roadkill Rangers Road Show and Smokehouse Grill

July 9 Sarah Forde and Smokehouse Grill 

July 10 Barefoot Boone and Gastro Dawg

July 15 Jadie and Gabe and Smokehouse Grill

July 16 Surrender Hill and Ruby's Recipes

July 17 Gary Wilder and Peaches Kitchen

July 22 Lloyd Clark and Der Wurst Meister

July 23 Riversong and Der Wurst Meister

July 24 Holden Le Dinh and Der Wurst Meister

July 29 Dr. Paul and Smokehouse Grill

July 30 David Welch and The Shack

July 31 Daisy chain and Gastro Dawg

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