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Log Home and Timber Products Blue Ridge, Ga

Sisson, Dupont & Carder Logs are milled to exacting specifications from the heart of kiln-dried white pine timbers. Our logs can be manufactured in standard sizes and styles with a variety of finishes and corner options. Log finishes can be smooth, rough sawn, or hand hewn. Corners can be butt & pass, dovetail, saddled, or mortise and tenon. Appearance is the primary consideration when selecting a particular log profile, as structural differences between the styles are indiscernible. 

No matter what log style and log you select, every Sisson, Dupont & Carder log system is weather-tight, easy to maintain, and incredibly durable. We recommend applying a foam adhesive or polybutyl-log tape between every run of logs, as well as in corner notches and joints. These flexible type adhesives bond the logs into a unit and form a seal which virtually eliminates the possibility of air infiltration. Each run is then secured by Olympic OlyLog screws, spaced an average of eighteen inches apart, and driven vertically into the log below. After assembly, a protective finish should be applied.

Round Swedish Cope
Appalachian Style with Chink Groove
Contemporary with Beveled Groove
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